Making your Dream Home become a reality begins with a plan.  In an initial meeting with our team we will determine the scope of the project specific to your lot such as utilities and permitting requirements. While we are experienced in building homes in established sub divisions, we also have the expertise to help you navigate building in more rural areas where you are required to construct your own utilities such as wells septic tanks and last mile secondary power from an electrical coop.  At the initial meeting, we will begin the Home Planning Process where we will capture your vision for your new home as well it's style and feel.  You can bring your own plan or we will draw one for you based on your specific taste, needs, and budget. Chances are we already have a plan with the style and feel you want in our portfolio of Custom Home Projects. Lastly, We will walk you through the financing process and introduce you to our financing partners.


Before the stages of construction begin, all preconstruction documentation must be completed and approved and financing must be in place. This includes the contract, plans, plot plans, permitting, change orders, design selections, etc. 



In this stage, the site will be graded, and forms for the foundation are set in accordance with the approved plot plan. Plumbing and the foundation make up are installed. Then, the foundation is poured.


In this phase, the home begins to take shape. Exterior and interior walls are framed and roof rafters are installed.


During this stage, the house is “dried in,” and the exterior sheathing, roof deck, shingles, windows and doors are all installed.

Photo by lovro77/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by lovro77/iStock / Getty Images


The mechanical work of the home is completed during this phase. This includes plumbing, HVAC, electrical, TV/phone/audio and security wiring being installed.


The house is then insulated with the desired insulation package and prepped for Sheetrock.

Photo by Ivan Mikhaylov/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Ivan Mikhaylov/iStock / Getty Images


The sheetrock tape bed and texture is completed.

Photo by Martin Poole/DigitalVision / Getty Images
Photo by Martin Poole/DigitalVision / Getty Images


In this stage, the trim for the wood floors, cabinets, stair parts and interior are all delivered and installed along with all doors. Interior painting takes place.

Photo by AnikaSalsera/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by AnikaSalsera/iStock / Getty Images


During this phase of the process, all bath and floor tile is installed, and countertops are delivered and installed.

Photo by vicnt/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by vicnt/iStock / Getty Images


Then the plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems are completed. This includes installing faucets, electrical fixtures, switch plates and outlets, HVAC condensers and grills. Floors are finished, and carpet is installed. Any Flatwork (Driveways and walks) are poured.


Final Punch List, Paint Touch Up, Cleaning of your new home, and Final Grade and Exterior Lot Cleanup.